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The solution includes "ready-to-use" digital services, already modeled according to the requirements of measure 1.4.1, for which the Municipality has requested PNRR funding.

Each of the “ready to use” services includes:
- the service presentation sheet, aligned with the standard defined by the Design Guidelines (April 2022 version)
- citizen authentication (SPID L2/CIE, anonymous, hybrid)
- the automatic recovery of personal data from the citizen's profile (once only)
- the creation and configuration of operators
- the predefined messages, sent to the citizen via PEC, IO and e-mail, for each status of each service (protocol, acceptance, refusal of the request, etc...)
- predefined automatic checks on the values ​​entered by the citizen and on the participation requirements, which prevent the sending of invalid practices
- the adaptation of the form fields based on the citizen's profile (only the essential fields are shown)
- the transparent process of the practice
- the automatic generation of the file and the transmission of the file to the competent office, within the IT protocol (therefore, to the document management and substitute conservation systems)
- an archive containing all the messages transmitted to the citizen, both automatic and manual
- notification of receipt and reading of messages by the citizen
- a mechanism for approval and confirmation of the data entered by the citizen
- possibility of programming the start-up of the service
- definition of maximum response times to citizens

The citizen can:
- make a payment on PagoPA when completing the application, without having to resort to external tools
- book an appointment when filling out a form - accept a specific privacy policy for each service
- save the draft and resume filling out the application at any time
- send the institution further communications and additions to the practice, consisting of texts and attached files (possibly protocolable)

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13,000.00 € VAT Excluded

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