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ModBUS pulse counter for fiscal energy meters with integrated pulse repeater


The KET-MES-610 is a pulse counter that connects to the standard ES interface (signal emission) of electricity meters, equipped with 6 digital inputs with signal repeater for dry contacts: 2 for active and reactive energy withdrawn; 2 for active and reactive energy input; 2 for tariff bands.
It is equipped with an RS485 interface with ModBUS RTU protocol compatible with the KET-RMB-211 ModBUS bridge/Master and the X-Monitor Gateways.

Maximum power supply flexibility, direct from the mains or low voltage, both direct and alternating.

Format suitable for mounting in an electrical panel on a DIN standard bar.
The internal F-RAM memory for continuously saving the meters allows data to be preserved even in the event of a sudden power failure.

KET-MES-610 allows the insertion of the K and C factors for the withdrawal meter and for the feed-in meter, in this way it calculates in real time the kWh of active and reactive energy and the instantaneous powers for each meter. Furthermore, if the contacts relating to bands F1, F2 and F3 are active, the active energy withdrawn is added to three separate meters.
These features make the KET-MES-610 the ideal instrument for UVAC, UVAP and UVAM systems for the MSD.

285.00 € 285.0 EUR 285.00 € VAT Excluded

285.00 € VAT Excluded

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