Public Digital Identity System

History in Brief

The Public Digital Identity System (SPID in acronym) is the system for accessing online services of the Italian public administration and participating private individuals. Citizens and businesses can access these services with a unique digital identity that allows access and use from any device. It was introduced to overcome the fact that the proliferation of online services forced citizens to have an ever-increasing number of access credentials. Since 2016, in compliance with the regulations issued by the Italian government, digital identity managers accredited by AgID have begun to issue SPID identities to requesting citizens and businesses. From 1 October 2021 it is mandatory to access all online services of the Public Administration and today more than 35 million SPID identities have been issued in Italy.


The client

The SPID system is constituted as an open group of public and private entities which, subject to accreditation by the Agency for Digital Italy, manage the registration services and provision of credentials and online access tools in relation to citizens and businesses on behalf of public administrations.


The context

Since 2015, Innonation has participated in the analysis and development of the software platform used by Identity Providers to accredit themselves to the SPID system: in 2016, alongside Sielte SpA, it made its skills and software solutions available, supporting the operator when entering the SPID system and subsequently in 2022 with EHT SCpA.

https://sielteid.it | https://www.etnaid.it

The objectives

Develop a software platform compliant with the European Regulation eIDAS n. 910/2014, based on a SAML 2.0 federation. (from 1 May 2022 with OpenID Connect). Introducing process innovations capable of simplifying bureaucracy and supporting the adoption of the system towards citizens and businesses.

https://www.agid.gov.it/it/piattaforme/eidas | https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/it/policies/eidas-regulation

The solution

The software platform allows you to identify people and organizations, through simple and secure on-bording procedures, validating the information collected through reliable external data sources and, following the credential release phase, manages the authentication process for the enabled services and the entire user lifecycle.