Project SPID

Get SPID in just a few steps: access the EtnaID service, enter your data, certify your identity via video call or in other ways independently. You no longer need to remember dozens of usernames and passwords. All you need is your SPID personal account with EtnaID.

In just a few clicks you can access the services offered by INPS, Revenue Agencies, your Municipality and your Region. You can use it to pay taxes and duties, for registrations in education systems and public competitions and for all government bonuses.

​Your identity is protected by 3 levels of security and your personal data always remains on the institution's website.

Free renewal after 2 years for citizens, freelancers and individual businesses.

With your digital identity you can access the online services of the European Union countries that have joined the nodo eIDAS Italian and of the companies that have chosen SPID as an authentication tool for access to their services.