Open Data in Business Processes

The story in brief

Open Data, representing the modern digital age, is data that anyone can freely use, modify and share. Their history in Italy is intimately linked to the evolution of regulations, which have sought to make these data increasingly accessible and usable. From Directive 2003/98/EC to Directive 2013/37/EC, Italy has followed a legislative trajectory consistent with the principles of Open Government, aiming for greater transparency and citizen involvement. The Digital Administration Code and the Transparency Decree are further evidence of the country's commitment to a culture of open and accessible data.


Innonation, in step with digital evolutions, has identified Open Data as a key to transformation and innovation. Operating in an ever-changing market and facing ever new challenges, we have recognized the enormous potential of open data in terms of value, insights and innovative solutions. In this regard, the focus is on new technologies and solutions in this field, as they can very well be integrated into services and/or products that the company itself already provides as well as favoring entry into new business scenarios. Our commitment in this area reflects our vision: to drive the digital transformation of business processes through the adoption of Open Data. 


The following R&D project had the main objective of studying Open Data in business processes in order to develop prototypes for concrete use scenarios. This objective arises from the company's need to increase skills in technologies at the service of data science and, no less importantly, to be able to extend the portfolio of solutions or products to customers who wish to improve their efficiency, innovate their services and/or or processes through the use of data that is structured, organized and compliant with national regulations or European standards.

Results achieved and future developments

Thanks to an important industrial research phase, several results have been achieved that comply with the expected objectives:

Develop an updated state of the art on the use, especially at national level, of Open data compared to the current regulatory framework

Identify the main current sources of Open Data and above all the most innovative tools and technologies present in the current international scenario

Contextualize the use of Open Data in Public Administrations. Study hypotheses of use and application fields

​Design innovative applications that make use of Open Data

The project in question is also progressing in the direction of the experimental development of specific applications designed to help organizations derive maximum benefit from the use of Open Data.